Smiley Man Balloon Hat Tutorial $3

Basic Balloon Animal Tutorial – Smiley Man Balloon Hat $3

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This simple and easy balloon animal tutorial can walk you through how to make a very simple balloon hat. Once you master the basics of this hat, you’ll be able to turn your smiley face man into a spider man balloon, an incredible hulk balloon, or even a hitch-hiking alien balloon hat. This is a simple and versatile balloon sculpture that is worth every penny and a great place to start if you’ve already twisted a balloon dog and a balloon sword and you’re ready to get on toward some more advanced balloon sculptures.

When I make this at a restaurant I usually get $3- $5 for it. So, for less than that I can teach you step by step how to create this amazing money making balloon sculpture that will help you get started in your career (or hobby) as a balloon twisting professional.

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$3 – Basic Balloon Animal Tutorial

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