How do I make a balloon animal?

If you would like to learn how to make a balloon animal, you can find hundreds of tutorials throughout our site. We have free videos, basic balloon animal videos, intermediate videos, and even advances balloon animal videos as well. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we even have a way to request a specific figure or shape too!

Balloon Animal Tutorials by Skill

First of all, let’s explain the difference between the different categories:

Basic Balloon Animal Tutorials – The basic section is for all the individual balloon artists who are just starting, but know where to get balloons, how to buy them, and understand the importance of using a pump while inflating the balloons. This section includes your basic dog, heart, and sword balloons. In addition to the absolute basics, we do our best to make sure that if you master all of the balloons in our basic section you’ll have no trouble in the Intermediate section as well. Prices here vary between $FREE and $5 each. You can occasionally even find multiple tutorials in a package for discounted rates. So, be sure to check back often. It is our goal to hide at least one new sale on the site every month.

Intermediate Balloon Animal Tutorials – Similar to the basic package, this section is of videos which assume you are still learning. You’ll find that the instructor makes sure to explain as much as they can while still trying to keep the videos moving along quick enough for even the advanced balloon artist. This section really does strive to be that happy middle ground that both the basic and the advanced balloon artists will enjoy watching. We also strive to have most of these balloons 260s; however, there will also be small rounds, 350s and the occasional specialty balloon as well. Prices for this category usually range from $3 – $10 each, though there is an occasional $FREE video hidden in the midst leftover from the days when these videos were only available on the YouTube Channel.

Advanced Balloon Animal Tutorials -This is for seasoned professionals or advanced hobbyists. It is not for the beginner and we do not take our time explaining every detail. Though we still try to be thorough in our descriptions of the different balloon twists, this section is more for people that already understand the basics. This section also doesn’t dwell on just using 260s and often uses 350s, 646s, specialty shapes, and the like. There are also the occasional figures in this set that use only 260s in case that is something you are interested in. Prices for these videos range from $5 and up to $25 each. Anything higher than that price would be a custom video made for someone that doesn’t fit into one of the previous categories.

Free Balloon Animal Tutorials – These are videos that I’ve posted on YouTube or that I think shouldn’t be charged for. You will find mostly basic balloon tutorials, but will also find the occasional intermediate and advanced balloon tutorials as well. If you are interested in learning balloons, but not certain on how much you can invest in your education budget, then this is the category to start with. See the quality and consistency of our videos and then proceed to the sections that you feel will be most appropriate for you. If you have a special request for this section, I will be happy to consider it. However, we do not often post free tutorials by request. Usually they end up in one of the previous categories. The exception is when they are basic balloons or videos that don’t actually relate to how to twist a balloon. For instance, we may start posting free videos that talk about the different types of twists and techniques involved in balloon twisting.

Balloon Animal Tutorials Available by Skill Level

Don’t see what you want to see? Ask me how to make a balloon animal. Post a comment below or send a request to for a balloon figure you’d like to see.