Balloon Animal Tutorials by Skill Level

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Try asking how to make a balloon animal and get a customized balloon video for you.

Basic Balloon Animals

Smiley Face Balloon Hat Tutorial
Spider Man Balloon Hat Tutorial
Simple Balloon Mohawk Hat Tutorial
Simple Balloon Guitar Tutorial

Intermediate Balloon Animals

Balloon Hat – AmFmXm Crazy Hat
Cute Balloon Penguin Tutorial
Balloon Hat – Lady Bug Hat Tutorial
Balloon Hat – Manta Ray / Sting Ray Hat Tutorial
Alligator Balloon Hat Tutorial
Jumping Frog Balloon Hat Tutorial
Monkey Hat Balloon Tutorial
T-Rex Island Balloon Hat Tutorial
Balloon Bunny Hat with Carrot Tutorial
Balloon Dog Hitch Hiker Hat Tutorial
Balloon Tiger Hitch Hiker Hat

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On a more positive note, I’m looking to film more balloon animal instructional videos so that I can teach more balloon shapes through my tutorials on this site. Please feel free to check back ofter to learn about what new things I’m offering. As a heads up, there will be a free video give away once the site is live. Tell your friends and get ready to start looking for content on my site.
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