Sorry about the confusion everyone…

I apologize for sending eveyone a link to… This site is not up yet (as I’m sure you can see) and it will not be up for another 2 weeks. I am really sorry as I didn’t realize that I was sending so many people here instead of where they should go to sign up for newsletters, discounted videos, and other information about Your Balloon Man, Mr. Fudge…

For the newsletter, please sign up at or as this site is not currently up and working.

There are numerous videos that will be coming out in this month’s newsletter, but only those that have signed up will be receiving access to them.

If you already received and email from me and would like to confirm your subscription, please do so with the link at the bottom of your email. At the very base of the newsleter, there will be a blue link that states “confirm subscription:yourballoonman.” You will need to click on that in order to have newsletters sent to you in the future.

Wishing you all the best,

And sorry for the confusion,

Your Balloon Man,
Mr. Fudge


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